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New JPMX-303ESK order from Qatar

Our new busbar machine JPMX-303ESK was sold to Qatar again!

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in copper and aluminum busbar machines.

The hot product of our company are CNC-200-6P (CNC busbar punching and shearing line), CNC-50Z-PS (CNC busbar bending machine), JPMX-303ESK / JPMX-503ESK / JPMX-803ESK (CNC 3 in 1 busbar processing machine).

The processing ability for copper is 20mm (thickness) and 250mm(width) maximum.


If you are interested, contact us.


Qatar is an Arab country in western Asia. It is located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf and borders the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The coastline is 550 kilometers long.

The terrain of Qatar is flat, most of the area is a desert covered with sand, and the terrain is slightly higher near the west coast. There is a large area of exposed limestone to the south of Zikerit. Qatar's onshore oil is mainly stored in this area.

Qatar has a tropical desert climate, hot and dry, and humid along the coast. The four seasons are not obvious. Summer is from April to October, which is the longest season of the year. The highest temperature from July to September can reach 45℃, and the winter is cool and dry, with the lowest temperature of 7℃. The average annual precipitation is only 75.2 mm.